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These comics were done with three of my friends: Brian (Cedric), Shannon (Yoshi), Katriena (Stella). We all used our real names on this (I'm "Jessi"!) so I've put their internet names in parenthesis there. :)

Here's the story. We somehow received this book (image on the left - click it to view it on!) and wondered what we'd do with it. We eventually decided to turn it into a comic! Each page had a topic with some suggestions so we decided we'd take turn drawing two-page comics following the topics listed on the pages. I only originally scanned nine of them, so those are the ones I'll put up first. I'd eventually like to re-scan these as some of them are very hard to read and we've done some more since then! Enjoy!

The Mark of a Wizard - by Jessi
Harry, Ron, and Hermione give us a few examples of some signs commonly associated with Witches and Wizards
Hogwarts' Finest - by Brian
Harry, Ron, and Hermione argue over what makes a good wizard... and which one of them makes "Hogwarts' Finest"
Wizard Wear - by Shannon
Harry, Ron, and Hermione model some of the clothes often seen on Hogwarts students with the help of one of their House Elf friends
Required Reading - by Katriena
Harry, Ron, and Hermione show off some of their more popular textbooks and one of Neville's potions backfires on Hermione
Prizewinning Spells - by Jessi
Hermione shows us some of her favorite spells, using Ron's owl as a test subject
Never Get Caught Without Your... - by Brian
Harry, Ron, and Hermione explain the uses of certain tools while dealing with Bundimuns - and Ron impresses Hermione with his answer
Pets Only a Gryffindor Could Love - by Shannon
Harry, Ron, and Hermione talk about some of the pets often seen in Hogwarts and Ron reminisces about his pet rat
Every Good Wizard Should Get... - by Katriena
Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny give us some examples of wizarding candy... and Ron's the brunt of the joke yet again
No Wizard Can Have Enough... - by Jessi
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and an unwelcome Draco talk about things Wizards need