The Pant Devil's Advocate

These comics were done for the Neopian Times so I could try and get enough of them for that fancy schmancy avatar. I did more than enough comics to qualify, but a lot of them were never published, unfortunately :/ Anyways, here they are!

The first PDA comic - done nearly a full year before I ever drew any others so it doesn't look much like the other ones x) But it's also the only one that really had anything to do with the comic's actual namesake! xD
Reluctant Holder
Simon's disappointed about getting a lame new petpet... until I remind him how lame the one he currently holds is...
Meet I_pwned
Simon gives his poor Slorg a name...
He's a WHAT!?!?!
Simon learns something unexpected about his new Petpet
Can I Call Him Slimeon?
Godric teases Simon about his Slorg
Meet Rose
Simon does drawings to illustrate and introduce his family members - he starts with me, of course.
Meet Brenda
The only one Simon actually draws a nice portrait for...
Meet Godric
I wasn't aware Eyries could have fangs! :o
Meet Sirius
Sadly, Simon's description of Sirius is fairly accurate... ^^;
TPOSG Fangirls
Rose and Vyala reveal themselves as major POSG fangirls
Mission: Neocam
Simon decides he'll have to get on the Neocam if he ever wants to be noticed
Simon vs. Phantom
Simon tries to cause trouble at the Neo HQ... but the Phantom gets the best of him D:
Read All About It!!
Someone's going to be grounded for the rest of his Neo life...
Where's I_pwned!?!
Simon should have never left her in the care of his brother...
What Did They DO!?!
Awww, poor Simon's really worried about what's happened to his petpet :(
Change for the Better
Rose tries to troubleshoot and instill a false sense of hope in both Simon and I_pwned
I_pwned's Departure
The tragic loss of our dear I_pwned...
I_pwned Reincarnate!
Korak finds a Greevix in his mouth... but is she possibly the reincarnated spirit of Simon's lost Slorg??
He's Delusional
Igan confirms Rose's fear that Simon is delusional