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Hello, welcome to the section of my page where I will answer questions that you may have for me. These are some of the more general knowledge or questions that were frequently asked through Neomails. If you have a question for me that may not be on here, you're welcome to email me! If you'd rather not email me, you're welcome to post as on my Forum. There's a board just for that purpose! You'll find that board here, just click "New Topic"!

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  • Questions about Rose
  • Questions about my Webpage
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  • Questions about my Art, Poems, or Stories

  • Questions about Rose

    Simple enough xD This section is for questions about me ;D

    Is Rose your real name?
    Yes and no x3 Rose is my real middle name :D

    How old are you?
    I'm currently 24 years old... though it's safe to say I have the mentality of a grade school-aged child. xD

    What are your Neopets accounts??
    My only accounts are GryffinRose (my main), PurplePadfoot, Wyomingal23, RoseofHyrule, and MagiRose. I always refer to them in this order because that's the order they were created x) GryffinRose is my main account because that was the one I created first.

    Where do you live?
    Wyoming (it's a state... not a suburb of Denver), USA

    Are you a Harry Potter/Legend of Zelda fan??
    Rabidly so. :) That's how I've come up with most of my screennames!

    Do you use an Instant Messenger?
    Yes I do - but I won't give it out to random people. It's reserved for friends only ^^

    How can I make sure that you'll answer my Email/post?
    Be polite :) You could ask the dumbest question in the world, but if you were polite and respectful, you can expect an equally polite and respectful response from me :) I will automatically delete Emails that ask me for things like "join my forum", "be my friend", "draw me something" or if your Email is rude or creepy (example: Where do you live? Can we meet sometime?) However, if you ask me a good question that is polite, I would be happy to either answer you or refer you back here :) And, if you ask me a really good question that's not up here, I may just add it here! xD

    Questions about my Webpage

    This section refers to the site and anything involving it or its content!

    Why RoseSagae?
    I've gone by "Rose" for a long time... and decided I needed a last name. Sagae is a play on the word "Sage" and it's also a partial anagram of my real name :) PS - it's pronounced "sah-gay"

    Who coded it for you??
    I did :) So far, all of the coding has been done entirely by yours truly! I started teaching myself HTML when I was 15 and am slowly starting to learn CSS and PHP as well! That said, the code on this page is for my use only, please! If you're looking to learn the same way I did, this site taught me HTML TEN YEARS AGO (and is still just as good if not better!!) - I still go running back there when I need help with tables x) I used this site for PHP help - it was nice because instead of talking at you at how to do it, they show you! It was very helpful :)

    Join my site/forum/whatever!
    Sorry, I'm already a member of several excellent forums and don't have time for any more.

    Make me a page!!
    Can't do that either. Besides, wouldn't you rather have the pride in knowing you did one all by yourself? :D

    Where did you get your counter/chat/forum/map/etc.?
    All of my tools used from other sites will be linked back to those sites so you can get your own :) All you have to do is find the link!

    Will you link to me?
    I'm always willing to trade links! :D I'd like to try and only trade links with sites that are... remotely similar to mine. Obviously, someone's "History of American Football" webpage won't have much in common with mine xD If you want to trade links, feel free to email me or post in my guest forum! (Please make sure your page is at least like... half-way finished. I don't want to link to unfinished pages!)

    Questions About my Characters

    This section deals with questions about my characters in general. If you're looking for answers on a specific character, those can be found on each of my pets' pages x) Whether it be about their colors or personalities or whether it's about how I handle them, this is where it will go.

    wtf is your fursona/symbol?
    She's a dogsquirrel. At least that's what I'm calling her until (if) I can come up with a more clever name for her species xD!

    Can our characters be mates/friends/enemies/brothers?
    If you have to ask, the answer is no. You can't just walk up to someone you've never met and say "Hi! Want to be my brother?". Same goes for friends and mates - if my character doesn't know yours, they aren't anything to each other. However, if my RPs for that character are open (it will say so on their page) we can have our pets meet. As for "assigning" family members, it's weird and creepy and I don't know why some people are so obsessed with it. xP

    What does RP mean?
    Fear not! I've devoted a large portion of of the site to explain ALLLL about that. I've also added examples of good and bad RP styles as well as tips on how to be polite while RPing. Go here to learn more about Roleplaying!

    Can we RP?
    Now this is one that will take a while to answer. My initial thought would be "YES! I love to RP!" but, due to several bad experiences, I have to post a few guidelines first.
    By reading these questions, or any of my characters' pages, it's safe for me to assume that you know something about me or my characters - about our personality, habits, etc. If you still want to RP with me, then awesome! But remember - I don't know anything about you.
    You should email me, PM me, or post in my forum with a request to RP.  Make sure you include which character(s) of mine that you want to RP with and which character(s) you want to use. Then, you should also include a little information about your characters so that I can get to know them. Do our characters even have anything in common?
    A few things to look out for: yes, I like to RP, but I am NOT desperate. If your character only wants to RP with mine so that they can be mates and have kids and grandkids OR so that you can get free art or adoptables from me, start packing. Also, I'm expecting that you respect ME enough to give me say in the plotline... yes, I HAVE had people mail me with "Let's RP! Here's what will happen: your Pirate will find my girl and he'll say "OMG you're so pretty" and she'll say, "Save me, you handsome brute" and then they'll fall in love and we can have a wedding by March :D" I'd like to have control over my OWN characters, thankyouverymuch xD (I don't think that's too much to ask...) And, going along with that, please don't make me carry on the whole thing. I've had some cases where my characters are the ones who are always making decisions and starting conversations and the other characters just don't even want to participate xP It's much more fun when we both work and write the same amount! :D
    As for RP styles, don't worry - I'll never turn down someone because they're "not good enough" :) Heck, I'm not even that great myself! xD I will RP in any style which you prefer whether it's chat style: "*bounces over* Hey how's it going!" or story-style: She smiled shyly and waved a paw, "Nice to meet you". Also, due to some characters being more popular than others, I may "close" RPs with one of my pets. Status for open/closed characters can be seen on that characters' page.
    Thank you for reading all of that... major kudos if you did - that only proves to me that I can trust you :) I look forward to RPing with you!

    I've got a really great idea, will you write my character into your character's story!?
    This is one of the weirdest questions I've been asked... The answer is no. What's happened to my characters won't change any more than what's happened to me in my real life will. If my Dragon never met your Dragon during the war, then I'm not going to simply "pretend" like they did so that you can get added into my Dragon's story. That's just dumb o___O; I have occasionally written retrograde (a new story that takes place in the past) but that only happens with characters that belong to friends I've known for a while.

    Will you help me think of a custom design or story for my character?
    I'm willing to help you brainstorm, but I'm not going to do all of the work xP That's YOUR job! But if you need help getting started, let me know and maybe I can help you think of something xD I'd rather see you come up with a brand new, original idea than copy some one else, that's for sure ^^;

    Questions about my Art, Poems, or Stories

    This section contains all of the questions about my art, my stories, my poems, and anything that may pertain to either of those things. I think this one gets the most attention because that's the "part of me" that's most known :p

    Will you draw me a picture?
    Sorry, I'm a busy college student and I barely even have time to draw pictures of my own characters or even pictures for my loyal friends!

    What about a trade?
    I will only trade with a pixel...thing. Trust me, that's all you'd want from me anyways, my art's not that spectacular ^^; Anyways, if you want to trade, you should mail me or post in my forum and ask first. I'll be too busy from time-to-time and, if I am, I'll let you know. When you contact me, you should include an example of what you would be using to trade with (a small picture, a pixel thing...). Simply, if I'm "better" than you, try to match the trade and make it even. If you're "better" than me (and this is more than likely), but you're still willing to trade me - I'll do what I can to match it for you. Don't be offended if I can't trade you though, school keeps me pretty busy, but I'll try to trade with who I can.

    Can you be Commissioned?
    I would be your avatar slave for an RL commission :) You can put it through PayPal (secure). Contact me if you're interested and be sure to tell me what you'd be willing to pay. Please keep in mind, I'll probably only do pixel commissions - digital/traditional art isn't as good and it takes a lot longer. If the price is right, though, you could probably commission me for almost anything x)

    What art program do you use to do your art and stuff? And how do you do it?
    Paint Shop Pro 7 is my absolute favorite program, though I'm also quite partial to MS Paint :D I usually sketch and outline my pictures by hand before scanning them and coloring them on the computer :) Oh, and I use a mouse for all of my work - no fancy tablets or anything here! xD I also use Macromedia Flash 8 from time to time too :)

    Will you make me a custom adoptable??
    When it comes to Adoptables, I will only open TRADES. I will NEVER open requests... ever. If my Trades are open for a certain species, it will say on that Adoptable's page and it will list a bunch of rules. Be sure you read all of my rules and make sure that those trades are open before mailing me a trade request. Again - trades open and close for different Adoptable sets at different times, always double check that the set you want is open for trades!

    I've got a really great idea, will you write my character into your character's story!?
    This is one of the weirdest questions I've been asked... The answer is no. What's happened to my characters won't change any more than what's happened to me in my real life will. If my Dragon never met your Dragon during the war, then I'm not going to simply "pretend" like they did so that you can get added into my Dragon's story. That's just dumb o___O; I have occaisionally written retrograde (a new story that takes place in the past) but that only happens with characters that belong to friends I've known for a while.

    Can I use one of your pictures on my site or in a contest or whatever??
    No. Anything I've drawn may only ever be used by me with only a few exceptions 1) if I drew a picture specifically for you or 2) if it is an Adoptable image - those may be used by anyone, anywhere, so long as they link back here. Because my art is on an official website, stealing it is now a criminal offence... you don't want to get messy there, I'd suggest just making your own pictures.

    How do you make Adoptables?
    I've made a tutorial I made just for this question ;) Click here to check it out!

    pomg Evolving Egg Adoptables??
    Yes! Click on Felix to adopt your own!

    How often do they hatch?
    I'm changing it so that they hatch once every season... be sure to check up on them then!

    Can I make my own?
    :p I don't own evolving Adoptables - they've been around the internet forever. As long as you don't try to copy/steal my original species, descriptions, format, or HTML, you can do whatever you want :p PS - these are my favorite ones that I've found so far. What's with the freaky flashing face?
    The face is kind of... a tradition for me ^^; See, when I first created my RoseSagae account on DA, I wanted a basic avatar, so I made a rose image an just added a face over it to dress it up. I thought it was pretty funny, so I left the face in my next couple of avatars. When I made a new avatar without the face, I missed it... so I randomly made it flash up when no one was expecting it xD People seemed to think it was funny, so I kept up with the flashing face theme... eventually adding it to my ID... and even gift avatars xD Now the face has even dressed itself up in cute little disguises!! What will come for the future of this goofy face?? Only time will tell...

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